Flushing Your Body

Chiropractic Wellness Tip

chiropractic tips tampa, greg zwirnWater accounts for up of sixty (60%) of our body mass (average male – 53% average female).  It plays a huge roll in our day to day lives but most of us underestimate what it is that water actually does for the body.

During a chiropractic adjustment or chiropractic massage, toxins that have been stored in the body are released into the blood stream.  Drinking a great deal of water after a chiropractic adjustment is highly recommended to assist in flushing toxin waste from your body.

Diluting Toxins & Flushing Your Body

Water helps dilute the toxins and impurities that we ingest voluntarily and involuntarily everyday.  Naturally, your body will  attempt to purge these toxins via the urinary tract, colon, lungs, skin, and mucosal linings in your nose and ears.  Excess toxins are stored in the fatty tissue of the body – it’s no coincidence that fatty tissue happens to be where most cysts, lipomas, and other benign tumors are usually found.  Get the picture?

In order to burn fatty tissues, , carbohydrates and effectively flush toxins (especially), your body must have enough water (hydrocarbons).  Dehydration will prevent your body from peak performance in every aspect of physical activity.

Water is really the only answer when it comes to naturally flushing your organs and body.  Maintaining hydration and flushing your body will help you maintain wellness and allow your body to fight of bacteria and other intrusions.

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