Preventative & Emergency Family Chiropractor

Personal Family Chiropractor Care – as one of the largest providers of family chiropractic care in Tampa, we offer a variety of services to families seeking both emergency and preventative chiropractic treatment.   Our gentle approach produces effective results on patients of all ages.  Below are a few examples and benefits of our family chiropractic care starting with infants.

Infant Chiropractic Care

infant chiropractic treatment, family chiropractic careFamily chiropractor care is not just for the injured or mature.  Infant Chiropractics has proven to help with short-term and long-term problems common among infants.  Aligning an infant soon after birth, helps straighten out the spine, can reduce spitting up, and can help with their digestion. Infant Chiropractic’s may also improve sleep, behavior, attitude and immune system function.     Infant Chiropractics will improve your infants health, allowing them grow up healthy and happy.



Prenatal Chiropractic Care

family chiropractic care tampa, famliy chiropractorAxis Chiropractic treats many expectant mothers on a frequent basis using gentle movements and techniques to avoid placing unnecessary stress or pressure on the abdomen area.  Additionally, we can also provide healthy stretching techniques to help keep your spine and lower back strong and limber as your approach the end of your term.  A healthy and comfortable expectant mother is a happy one.  Come visit us today for your prenatal chiropractic care… you’ll be glad you did.


Elderly Chiropractic Care

ffamily chiropractic care tampa, famliy chiropractor,family chiropractic care tampa, elderly chiropractic care tampaChiropractic care becomes extremely important with old age due to changes that occur in the spine. Joints, ligaments, and tissue becomes weaker, resulting in acute and chronic pain.  Chiropractic care for the elderly will help reduce pain, improve strength, mobility, balance and will overall increase quality of life.   At Axis Chiropractic Tampa, we strive to help the elderly regain control of their lives, reducing pain, allowing them to live more comfortably and be more active.


Kids Chiropractic Care

family chiropractic care tampa, famliy chiropractor, family chiropractic care tampa, chiropractors for kids tampaAs a father of two, Dr. Zwirn knows the importance of keeping your child healthy at a young age so they can grow into healthy adults. Chiropractic for kids can be extremely beneficial in the long-run, preventing health problems and nerve damage as they become adults. Chiropractic for kids is also proven to treat health issues such as earache, upper respiratory infection, muscle pain, neck pain, sleeping disorders, and in some cases allergy and asthma symptoms. At Axis Chiropractic Tampa, our goal is to improve your child’s health and ensure they remain healthy into adulthood.