A Chiropractor Nutritional Tip

If you’re not eating Kale, you’re probably not informed.

chiropractor nutrition, kaleNow recognized as one of the most important greens we can eat, Kale provides us with an astounding amount of nutritional benefits to promote a longer healthier life.  Nutritionists and scientists alike have been praising Kale as a powerhouse of the super foods. It’s come a long way from being the popular throw-away plate garnish restaurants would use.  Enjoy some Kale Recipes at the bottom of this article.

Why is Kale so powerful?

  1. Low in calories, high in fiber with zero fat.
  2. More iron per calorie than beef.
  3. High in Cancer fighting Vitamin K.
  4. Loaded with powerful antioxidants.
  5. Major anti-inflammatory food.
  6. Great for cardiovascular support.
  7. High in Vitamin A.
  8. High in Vitamin C.
  9. More calcium per calorie than milk.
  10. Keeps the liver healthy and detoxed.

Here’s a link to some great Kale Recipes.

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