Preventing Disc Herniation & Bulging Discs

One of the most prevalent conditions a chiropractor sees everyday is the painful and sometimes debilitating bugling disc.  Bulging discs or “Herniated Discs” are usually a further development of a pre-existing disc “protrusion”.  Some of the most common causes of bulging or herniated discs would be trauma from an auto accident, heavy lifting, poor posture or being overweight.

 Chiropractic treatments for pain associated with disc herniation, protrusion, bulge, or a disc tear can be highly effective and should be a first choice prior to ingesting painkillers, or having surgery.  A good  chiropractor should be able to determine the severity of a herniated disc and administer pain relieving techniques such as spinal decompressionchiropractic massage or other widely effective treatments.  As a last resort surgery may need to come into play.  A well established chiropractor should be able to confer with your specialist, or recommend one to ensure an accurate diagnosis prior to surgery.

Preventing Herniated Discs

Here are a few tips as to how you can prevent a disc herniation, or aggravating an existing one:

  1. Exercising and stretching regularly to strengthen the lower back and abdominal muscles is key in preventing excess stress and compressive forces on lumbar disks.
  2. Correct posture in sitting, standing and lying down (not falling asleep on the couch) will help prevent problems on cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disks.
  3. Avoid heavy lifting if at all possible, especially in awkward positions where you’re not able to utilize your legs correctly.  Ask your chiropractor to recommend a back support device that may be helpful when lifting regularly.
  4. Buy proper footwear may also be helpful to reduce the impact forces to the lumbar disks while walking on hard surfaces.  We offer a line of insoles and other footwear accessories to promote good posture and lessen the impact on the lumbar discs.

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