Back & Neck Pain Relief With DTS Therapy

If you’re in need of back and/or neck pain relief, our DTS therapy can help get you on the path to recovery.

back pain relief, neck pain relief

DTS therapy is FDA approved and is a non-surgical procedure designed to provide back and neck pain relief as well as sciatica nerve pain.  It’s a good alternative to ingesting pain killers and can also provide relief for symptoms brought on or by or related to degenerative or bulging discs.

The gentle procedure of the DTS therapy decompresses the spine increasing healthy disc separation to improve the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the injured area.

DTS therapy goes through several cycles of gentle stretching which takes pressure off the injured area.  Each DTS therapy session takes about 20 minutes.  Most patients show significant pain relief usually after six sessions depending on the severity of their injury of course.

DTS therapy shows great results for back and neck pain relief when combined with other treatments such as massage, cold therapy, electric muscle stimulation and corrective exercises.

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